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DAAD Alumni Workshop

"ICT for sustainable management of biodiversity"
From August 27-29.2017
Venue: CDTIC, University of Ngaoundéré

Count Down

Organising Committee

Prof. Dr. Florence Uphie Chinje
Prof. Dr. Serges Doka
Prof. Dr. Ali Ahmed 
Prof. Dr. Jean Pierre Mvondo 

Prof. Dr. Albert Ngakou
Dr. Paul Dayang
Dr. Sanda Mazi
Dr. Jean Louis Fendji 

Dr. Franklin Tchakounté
Dr. Gervais Happi
M. Apollinaire Batouré 


Day 1 - 27 august 2017

Up to 3:00pm 


Arrival and registration of participants


Welcome diner 

Restaurant "Saveurs"

Day 2 - 28 august 2017

08:30 – 09:00


Registration of participants

09:00 – 09:15

Opening speech 

Prof Florence Uphie Chinje
Rector, University of Ngaoundéré

09:20 – 09:40

Short presentation of the University of Ngaoundéré 

Prof Doka Serge,
Vice-Rector, University of Ngaoundéré

09:45 – 10:30

Research Opportunities in Germany 

Prof Kolyang, Bremen Research Ambassador
University of Maroua

10:30 - 11:00

Health break

11:00 – 11:30

Management system of biodiversity in Cameroon 

Mr. Moussa Jean Francois, Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development

11:30 – 12:00

State of the art of Revitec approach in Cameroon 

Prof Ngakou Albert,
University of Ngaoundere

12:00 – 12:30

Modelling climate change using intelligent systems 

Dr Dayang, Mr Wadoufey, Mrs Dassi,
University of Ngaoundéré

12:30 – 01:00pm

The use of insecticide by local population in North and Far North Cameroon, and related problems 

Dr Tofel,
University of Bamenda

01:00pm - 02:00pm


01:00pm - 02:00pm


02:00 – 02:30pm

Fodder fields in Ngaoundéré 

Mr Domwa, IRAD Ngaoundéré

02:30 – 03:00pm

Conservation of Biodiversity for sustainable agricultural production 

Dr Mazi Sanda
University of Ngaoundéré

03:00 – 03:30pm

Expert systems in agriculture

Dr Fendji Jean Louis
University of Ngaoundéré
Mr. Kongne Rodrigue
University of Ngaoundéré

03:30 – 04:00pm

Machine learning for the identification of biodiversity species 

Dr Tchakounté Franklin
University of Ngaoundéré,
Mr. Moskolai Justin
Saint-Jerome University Institute

04:00pm - 04:30pm

Health Break

04:30pm -

Field trip

Day 3 - 29 august 2017

08:30 – 09:00

The importance of Antibase for Natural product dereplication from microorganisms 

Dr Melong
University of Yaoundé 1

09:00 – 09:30

The In House database: Building via Scifinder and applications in natural products research 

Dr Happi
University of Yaoundé 1

09:30 – 10:00

Contribution of ICTs to the sustainable management of natural resources in and around protected areas in Cameroon

Prof BOBO Serge
University of Dschang

10:00 - 10:30

Health Break

10:30 – 12:30

Panel Discussion Reflection on Interdisciplinary Research and Development Projects: Cooperation, Funding, and Management.

All participants

12:30 – 01:00 pm

Summing-up of the workshop and perspectives

Summing-up of the workshop and perspectives

01:00pm – 01:15 pm

Closing speech 

(Prof Uphie Chinje
Rector University of Ngaoundéré)

01:15 pm

Social program: Downtown Ngaoundéré (Visit to the Lamidat of Ngaoundéré)

All participants




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